Why the eff didn’t you watch these TED Talks? The 2014 edition

TED Blog

Eff-BlogHeaderAt the end of every December, we at the office get a little indignant that some of our favorite TED Talks from the year didn’t seem to do as well as we’d hoped. Some amazing talks, for whatever reason — whether they’re too absurd, niche or quirky, or simply were posted at a less than ideal time — don’t resonate at first blush with our audience. Below, my picks for the top 10 great talks you might have missed this year, with mild to medium spiciness.

1. A speaker drops the F bomb in one of TED’s best outfits of the year. Why the eff don’t you watch this talk? Kimberley Motley is a BAMF: A former beauty queen and the daughter of an African-American father and North Korean refugee mother, she’s Afghanistan’s first foreign litigator. For local girls like Nagma, who was sold by her father to their neighbor’s 21-year-old son at the age…

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